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SlavFile, the newsletter of the Slavic Language Division, is published quarterly. Aside from keeping readers informed of Division and relevant ATA activities, the mission of the newsletter is to provide information that will help facilitate the careers and professional development of translators and interpreters of Slavic languages and to entertain and inform them in areas related to these careers. To find out more about SlavFile and its editorial staff, please view our About SlavFile page.

Spring 2007

Review of Annual Susana Greiss Lecture and "Torture the Translator" Preconference Seminar: Jen Guernsey and Vera Zartman review two fascinating conference sessions by Michelle Berdy.

SlavFile Lite: Regular humor and culture column by Lydia Stone.

Beginner’s Luck: Liv Bliss’ column this time is devoted to translation contracts.

What’s on Your Shelf: New dictionary editor Roy Cochrun introduces himself and gives an overview of Russian dictionaries available over the last 40-50 years.

The Foreign Invasion of Russian: Infiltration or Evolution? Army linguist Michael Dahl discusses the use of English words in Russian.

Looking at the Overlooked: Sentencing, Paragraphing and Textual Coherence in Russian > English Translation: Lydia Stone reviews conference presentation by Brian Baer and Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre.

My Crude Ain’t Your Oil: The Language of Petroleum: Konstantin Lakshin’s presentation reviewed by Fred Grasso. [...] about Spring 2007

Winter 2007

From the Administrators The SLD's new administrative team takes a look at SLD activities at the recent ATA conference and looks toward the future.

Буриме Our annual bouts rimes by SLD bard Vadim Khazin.

Some Thoughts on the Ukrainian Language by SlavFileeditor for Ukrainian, Olga Collin.

Minutes of the SLD's Annual Business Meeting

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone Regular humor and culture column by editor Lydia Stone.

Weekly Training Events: Teaching Translation and Interpreting Skills Online Elena Levintova Allison's presentation at ATA-New Orleans reviewed by Nora Favorov.

Lying to Tell the Truth Anastasia Koralova's presentation on translating children's poetry reviewed by Vladimir Kovner.

A Few Thoughts on My First Conference by Lucy Gunderson.

Translation of English Language Advertising MaterialsElena McGivern's ATA-New Orleans presentation reviewed by Yuliya Cloud. [...] about Winter 2007

Fall 2006

Interview with 2006 Greiss Lecturer, Michele Berdy. Find out how she plans to “torture the translator” at her upcoming pre-conference seminar.

Conference preview. Who could resist the sessions and other activities planned?

Beginner’s Luck. Regular column by Liv Bliss. The wonderful world of translation contracts.

Language as a weapon in the battle for Moscow’s architectural landmarks. Stephen McCarthy presents a fascinating perspective on Russian building preservation.

Вот что я люблю. McDonald’s glossary submitted by Boris Silversteyn.

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone. Regular humor and culture column by editor, Lydia Stone.

Idioms as a major source of errors in translation. 2005 Conference presentation by Anastasia Koralova.

Partners in Rhyme: Translating poetry for fun and the multicultural child. 2005 Conference presentation by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone reviewed by Nora Favorov. [...] about Fall 2006

Summer 2006

Beginner’s Luck In her regular column, Liv Bliss asks, “Where is the work?”

The Party Line Reprinted column by 2006 Greiss Lecturer, Michele Berdy, reviewing The Dictionary of the Worker’s Paradise.

First Learn to Think Like a Grader Brian Baer reviews Seattle conference session on taking the certification test presented by language chairs Jim Walker and Marina Aranovich.

Terminology in Legal and Social Services BrochuresConference presentation by Emma Garkavi and Vadim Khazin, reviewed by Liana Loveless. Glossary included.

Negotiations-Переговоры Some English idioms useful in international business by Ludmila Ismailova. Article in Russian. Glossary included.

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone Regular humor and culture column by editor Lydia Stone.

“My” Susana Greiss Boris Silversteyn reminisces about our recently deceased founder. [...] about Summer 2006

Spring 2006

In Memoriam: Susana Greiss Tributes to the SLD’s founder and first administrator by friends and colleagues, George Fletcher, Ann G. Macfarlane, and Lydia Stone.

Admin-itions by SLD Administrator, Joseph Bayerl.

Letters to the Editor on a variety of topics.

This is a Fact: Mistakes of Russians in English. Jennifer Guernsey reviews Lynn Visson’s ATA Conference presentation.

Between Norms and Style: Translating Punctuation (Russian-English). A fascinating empirical study of comparative punctuation by Brian Baer and Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre. Presentation reviewed by Vadim Khazin.

Of Camels, Virgins and Perrier Cognacs. Robert Taylor reports on Konstantin Lakshin’s amusing conference session.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other. Our new editor for Ukrainian, Olga Collin, introduces herself and calls for survey responses. An English-Ukrainian certification program has been adopted.

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone. Regular humor and culture column. [...] about Spring 2006

Winter 2006

How to Take and Pass the ATA Certification Examination by Jim Walker, Language Chair for Russian-English Certification

Adminitions by SLD Administrator, Joseph Bayerl.

From the Editors SlavFile editors outline the implications of the new ATA rule allowing membership in an unlimited number of divisions.

Буриме на ужине Славянской Дивизии в СиэтлеVadim Khazin’s annual on-the-spot creation using rhymes provided by banquet attendees.

An Inexact Science and the Terminology to Match, Review of “Medical Translators and Medical Dictionaries” Nora Favorov reviews the 2005 Annual Susana Greiss lecture presented by Svetolik P. Djordjević.

Minutes of the Slavic Languages Division Annual Meeting

My New Experience at an ATA Conference First-time ATA conference attendee Kathleen Davis provides an overview of her ATA conference experience. [...] about Winter 2006

Winter 2005

2004 Greiss Lecture, “Translating Russia,” by Paul Richardson, editor, Russian Life magazine. Reviewed by Joseph Bayerl.

From the Administrator by Alex Lane.

Burime by Vadim Khazin.

Confessions of a conference newcomer by Leah Misbin.

Beginner's Luck: How to fail as a translator by Liv Bliss.

SlavFile Lite by Lydia Razran Stone.

SLD meeting minutes by Jennifer Guernsey

Review of ATA Conference session on Internet privacy presented by Roland Grefer and Jill Sommer. Reviewed by Svetlana Ball.

Common mistakes of non-native speakers of Russian by Elena Bogdanovich-Werner

Dictionary review: Dictionary of Russian-American Jargon and Americanisms (DRAJA) by Leonid M. Gurevich. Reviewed by Lydia Razran Stone.

Software review: MultiLex 4.0 English for Professionals. Reviewed by Galina Raff.

SLD Survey Part II [...] about Winter 2005