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SlavFile, the newsletter of the Slavic Language Division, is published quarterly. Aside from keeping readers informed of Division and relevant ATA activities, the mission of the newsletter is to provide information that will help facilitate the careers and professional development of translators and interpreters of Slavic languages and to entertain and inform them in areas related to these careers. To find out more about SlavFile and its editorial staff, please view our About SlavFile page.

Winter 2010

Editorial: Welcome to the First SlavFile of 2010

Life Stories: Original Works by Russian Writers, with translations by SLD members, by Nora Favorov

Review of Presentation “Pharmaceuticals for Slavists” by John Riedl and Jen Guernsey, reviewed by Irina Knizhnik

Vadim Khazin’s Annual Bouts Rimes

Conference Newcomer’s Report, by Vitalij Plinto

SLD’s Gala 50th Conference Banquet, by Alex Lane

What’s in an Ethnonym? by SlavFile’s Ukrainian editor, Roman Worobec

Discussion of Translation of the Russian Word Хам, by Michael Ishenko

Review of Pavel Palazhchenko’s Seminar on Typological Differences, reviewed by Lucy Gunderson

SLD Meeting Minutes, recorded by Jennifer Guernsey

New Column: Word Buzz by Yuliya Baldwin. This issue: A cool visitor from Japan and Swine Flu Vocabulary

Idiom Savants: The Number 2, by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone [...] about Winter 2010

Spring 2009

Liv Bliss lists her must-have paper dictionaries.

Lydia Stone and Vladimir Kovner present Russian and English idioms on fire.

SLD Administrator Becky Blackley discusses the advantages of belonging to an ATA chapter.

Roman Worobec answers the question, “What's with the G” in Ukrainian?

The Moscow Times correspondent Michele Berdy on the Russian translation of Obama's inauguration speech.

Lynn Visson comments on psychological factors in the teaching of interpretation.

Two Slovenian poems by Peter Semoli_ translated by Martha Kosir.

Regular SlavFile Lite column: A Fish of a Different Culture.

BCS literary translation: The “third language” by Stephen M. Dickey.

Ergonomic tips for translators by Becky Blackley.

Web glossaries and dictionaries for Russian translatorsby Roy Cochrun.

Another literary curiosity by Vladimir Kovner.

Call for SLD Administrator nominations. [...] about Spring 2009

Winter 2009

Review of Tony Briggs’ Greiss lecture on his translation of War and Peace, reviewed by Jen Guernsey.

Administrivia by SLD Administrator, Becky Blackley.

Minutes of the 2008 SLD meeting in Orlando.

Michele Berdy describes what drives translators to want to start a goat farm.

Roman Worobec addresses regional differences in Ukrainian.

Russian and English idioms that hold water by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone.

Conference newcomers report by Monika Pilecka of Wroclaw, Poland.

Native English speaker and UN interpreter, Lynn Visson, wonders why Russian natives correct her English.

Paula Gordon has a message for those working with non-Russian Slavic languages.

Slovenian poetry in translation: Jure Jakob. Introduced and translated by Martha Kosir.

SlavFile Lite. Regular humor and culture column, including thanksgiving poem by Adam Zagajewski in Polish and English. [...] about Winter 2009

Fall 2008

An appreciation of Croatian translator Marijan Boskovic (1939-2008) by Paula Gordon and other admirers.
SLD Administrator previews the 2008 Conference.
Detailed article on translating English punctuation into Russian by Natalie Shahova (in Russian).
The critical problem of teaching interpreter training and training teachers of interpretation by Lynn Visson.
Brief interview with 2008 Greiss lecturer, Anthony P. Briggs, conducted by Nora Favorov.
The strange fate of A.A. Milne’s “Happiness” in Russianby Vladimir Kovner.
SlavFile Lite: regular humor and culture column.
Review of 2007 Greiss lecture given by James West, reviewed by Jen Guernsey.
Dictionary aficionado, Roy Cochrun, extols dusty books.
Review of new Russian CAT tool by Konstantin Lakshin.
Slovenian Poetry in translation: Barbara Korun, translated by Martha Kosir. [...] about Fall 2008

Summer 2008

From the Administrators: Introduction to our Focus on Interpreting issue and other matters by Becky Blackley and P. Elana Pick.

A delightful “anthem” for translators and interpreters and an interview with its author, Mike Zagot.

Interpreters in International Organizations by Dr. Lynn Visson.

Interview with Blanka Novotna, Interpreter Manager, ASET International Services Corporation.

Mental Exercises for Interpreters by Yulia Tsaplina.

Ethical Dilemmas for Interpreters at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal, by Janja Pavetic-Dickey.

Historical Background of the Language Situation in Ukraine by Roman B. Worobec.

SlavFile Lite. Regular humor and cultural column.

An Introduction to the AIIC by Julia Poger.

Review of the 2007 ATA Conference Session on Use of English Articles by Elena Bogdanovich-Werner.

Russian<>English Dictionary of False Friends. Reviewed by Elena McDonnell. [...] about Summer 2008

Spring 2008

Natalie Shahova Discusses her Russian Translation of the Punctuation Bestseller, Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

Message from SLD Assistant Administrator, P. Elana Pick.

Message from SLD Administrator, Becky Blackley. Sprucing up your computer.

Tips for Increasing Translation Efficiency, by Tom Fennell.

Review of Conference Presentation, Translating Court Forms: Lessons Learned. Presentation by Emma Garkavi, review by Vadim Khazin.

A Day in the Life of a Meical Interpreter, by Elena Fomina.

The Politics of Language, by Pieter Judson.

Idiom Savants . This time deals with Russian and English idioms using personal names, by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone.

SlavFile Lite. Regular humor and cultural column, featuring the translation of Pasternak’s Holy Week.

Russian Transliteration Program. Created and described by Jonathon Lukens.

More English Catch Phrases. Compiled by Liv Bliss. [...] about Spring 2008

Winter 2008

Message from SLD Assistant Administrator, P. Elana Pick.

Administrivia. Message and computer clean-up tips from Administrator Becky Blackely.

Burime (Bouts Rimes). Annual poetic ad lib effort by Vadim Khazin.

A Newcomer’s Experience at the ATA Conference, by Tom Fennell.

Article by 2007 ATA Student Translation Prize Winner, Alexis Crowell. Her experiences translating Daniel Kharms and some sample poems.

Review of Conference Presentation, Translating Culture. Review of a presentation by Joseph Mazza, reviewed by Lucy Gunderson.

Leadership Quotations. From the preconference presentation by Ann Macfarlane, former SLD Assistant Administrator.

Idioms Savants, by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone. The topic this time is idioms containing the word “nose."

SlavFile Lite. Regular humor and cultural column.

English Catch Phrases Explicated. By Liv Bliss. [...] about Winter 2008

Fall 2007

From the Administrators: Message from the ongoing administrators Elena Bogdanovich and Elena Guernsey.

Candidate Statements: Statements by incoming SLD Administrator Becky Blackley and Assistant Administator Elana Pick.

SLD Banquet: Information on the annual SLD Banquet.

Request for Correspondents: A young Uzbek-based translator looks for contacts.

Idiom Savants (II): Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone continue their popular feature, this time addressing dairy-related idioms.

SlavLite: Regular humor and culture column.

The Trials and Tribulations of Upgrading to Microsoft Office Professional 2007 by Nora Favorov

Beginners’ Luck: Liv Bliss discusses on catch phrases.

Translating Children’s Poetry: The War between Children and Parents: Translations of poetry by Nash, Milne, Oster, Prelutsky, Zakhoder, and Moritz.

Hrvatski Pravopis: Dictionary review by Janja Pravetic-Dickey. [...] about Fall 2007

Summer 2007

Review of new book, Survival Russian, and interview with its author, Michael Ivanov.

Important information about upcoming SLD elections.

From the Administrators column: Elena Bogdanovich and Jen Guernsey discuss the upcoming conference and other matters.

Review of Dictionary of Military Jargon by Michael Dahl.

SlavFile Lite: Regular humor and culture column.

Beginners’ Luck: Liv Bliss discusses test translations.

Review of book on Translation Contracts.

Translating children’s poetry involving gender conflicts.

Idiom Savants: New column devoted to comparative English and Russian idioms.

Marks of Punctuation as False Grammatical Cognates: Article by Marian Schwartz reviewed by Elena McDonnell.

Roy Cochrun reviews Contemporary Russian-English Law Dictionary.

Stephen Dickey reviews Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian Textbook. [...] about Summer 2007