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SlavFile, the newsletter of the Slavic Language Division, is published quarterly. Aside from keeping readers informed of Division and relevant ATA activities, the mission of the newsletter is to provide information that will help facilitate the careers and professional development of translators and interpreters of Slavic languages and to entertain and inform them in areas related to these careers. To find out more about SlavFile and its editorial staff, please view our About SlavFile page.

Summer 2012

Notes from the Administrative Administrator, Lucy Gunderson's Summer report

Announcements of the annual Slavic Languages Division banquet and the Division logo contest finalists

New member, Ralitsa Zlatanova, reports on linguistic foreign visitors to Bulgarian

Regular columns Idiom Savants and SlavFile Lite

SlavFilms is devoted to a comparison of Twelve Angry Men and Mikhalkov's 12

Yuliya Baldwin, gives us a Russian perspective on the 2012 London Olympics, including a glossary of sports terms

Scheduled SLD and Slavic-related presentations for the 2012 Annual Conference in San Diego

Reviews of 2011 ATA Annual Conference Presentations:

Valentina Kolesnichenko's Greiss Lecture, reviewed by Lynn Visson (in English and Russian versions)

Ekaterina Ryabtseva's session, How Networking is Changing the Mentality of Russian Freelancers, reviewed by Natalia Gormley

Maksim Kozub's presentation on translation of critical securities terms, reviewed by Laura Friend [...] about Summer 2012

Spring 2012

Notice of an SLD logo contest (deadline June 1)

Quotes from Is That a Fish in You Ear? by David Bellos

Two conference presentation reviews (Silversteyn on Stone and Kovner and Jankowski on Perdek)

Announcement of a new R<>E medical dictionary compiled by Yuliya Baldwin

Administrator Lucy Gunderson shares news of the division, including our new LinkedIn group

A look at Translation Forum Russia 2011 by John Riedl

More Than Words by Michael Ishenko

Articles by R<>E interpreters Elena Fomina and Svetlana Ball

SlavFile Lite;

BritIdiom Savants by guest idiomographer Liv Bliss

SlavFilms: Susan Welsh looks at the made-for-TV production of Solzhenitsyn's First Circle

Dictionaries Worth Seeking: Roy Cochrun reviews the Russian-English Dictionary on Disarmament

Konstantin Lakshin reviews MemSouce: A New Translation Tool from the Czech Republic [...] about Spring 2012

Winter 2012

Natalia Shahova shares insights into the Russian translation market in Discovering the Russian Translation Market

Notes from an Administrative Underground: New administrator introduces the SLD Leadership Council

Minutes from the 2011 Meeting of the SLD

John Riedl, Nora Favorov, and Becky Blackley introduce theTerminology Consensus Project

Slavic Poetry in Translation: Marie Hall translates Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska

WORDBUZZ: Yuliya Baldwin compiles a Russian-English glossary of political terms for the 2012 election year

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone, humor and culture column by Lydia Stone

Idiom Savants: Russian Idioms from the World of Sports and Games by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone

Search-Fu! Susan Welsh reviews Alex Lane's ATA Boston session Finding Terminology on the Internet [...] about Winter 2012

Fall 2011

In Roy's Russian Reference Reminders, Roy Cochrun reminds readers of a few "old" reliable internet resources.

An Interview with Susana Greiss Lecturer Valentina Ruzhanovna Kolesnichenko of R.Valent Publishers.

Beginner's Luck. Liv Bliss shares an assortment of useful computer tricks.

Summary of upcoming sessions at ATA 2011 in Boston.

Administrivia. Becky Blackley says farewell in her final column as administrator.

Special Education Terminology in Bosnian, Part II, by Janja Pavetic-Dickey.

Slavic Poetry in Translation: A new SlavFile feature edited by Martha Kosir.

Wordbuzz: Yuliya Baldwin offers a Russian<>English glossary of environmental terminology.

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone by Lydia Stone.

Idiom Savants: Lydia Stone explains English idioms originating out of some dated professions. [...] about Fall 2011

Summer 2011

Janja Pavetic-Dickey introduces the SlavFile's Focus on South Slavic Languages issue.

Our South Slavic Members: News and Highlights

Administrivia. SLD Administrator Becky Blackley previews upcoming conferences.

2011 SLD Candidates' Statements by Lucy Gunderson and John Riedl.

Ten Strategies for Dealing with "Big Box" Translation Companies by John Riedl.

SlavFilms: Lydia Stone reviews The Last Station.

Translator Profile of Christina E. Kramer, literary translator of Macedonian and Bulgarian.

Ellen Elias-Bursac shares her experience translating for theWar-Crimes Tribunal in The Hague.

Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Translation Miscellanea 1, by Stephen M. Dickey.

In Contemporary Slovenian Poetry in TranslationMartha Kosir translates Slovenian poets Gregor Podlogar and Stanka Hrastelj.

Wordbuzz: Yuliya Baldwin discusses Russian<>English movie terminology. [...] about Summer 2011

Spring 2011

Galina Palyvian reviews the conference presentation:"Contemporary Russian: Enhanced Vocabulary, Endangered Syntax"

Michael Ishenko's column "More than Words"

Administrivia by SLD Administrator Becky Blackley

SlavFilms: Second part of the review by Susan Welsh of Podstrochnik, the book and film about Lilianna Lungina

Jen Guernsey reviews conference presentation: "Launch Campaign! Developing and Using Rocket and Space Terminology"

Vadim Khazim reviews conference presentation: "Practical Challenges of Legal and Medical Interpreting"

"The Unfortunate Mutilation of Harry Potter" by Jen Guernsey

Yuliya Baldwin presents translating terms of tourism in "We go, go, go to faraway lands (from "A Song of Friends" by Sergei Mikhalkov)"

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone by Lydia Stone

Idiom Savants: Money Talks, part II by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone

What Do Scientific Translators Do When They Retire? [...] about Spring 2011

Winter 2011

ATA Conference Newcomer Report by Todd Jackson

Jennifer Davis reviews:  “Taking the Russian>English Certification Exam”

Lucy Gunderson reviews: 2010 Greiss Lecturer Russell Valentino’s “The Persuasive Art of Translation”

Vadim Khazin’s 2010 Burime

Minutes of the SLD Annual Meeting, recorded by Jen Guernsey

Administrivia by SLD Administrator Becky Blackley

Polish Poetry in Translation by Genowefa Legowska

SlavFilms: Susan Welsh reviews Podstrochnik, the book and film about Lilianna Lungina

Michael Ishenko explores associations in his column “More Than Words”

Special Education Terminology in Bosnian by Janja Pavetic-Dickey

“Pain-Full” Linguistic Traps in Patient Histories by Yuliya Baldwin

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone, a regular humor and culture column by Lydia Stone

Idiom Savants: Money Talks by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone [...] about Winter 2011

Fall 2010

An Interview with Russell Scott Valentino, 2010 Greiss Lecturer, interviewed by Nora Favorov

Administrator’s Column by Becky Blackley

SlavFilms; Alexander Rogozhkin’s The Cuckoo, reviewed by Becky Blackley

Dictionary Review: Dirty Russian: Everyday Slang by Erin Coyne and Igor Fisun, reviewed by Roy Cochrun

New Column: More Than Words by Michael Ishenko

Preliminary 2010 ATA Conference Program for the Slavic Languages Division

Internet Privacy for Translators by Liv Bliss

Highlights of 2009 ATA Presentation “Noob No More: Making the Most of Internet Resources in Translation”presented by Megan Lehmann and Eugenia Tumanova

English as the Language of Science by Roman Worobec

Social, Literary and Other ATA 2010 Events of Interest to SLD Members

SlavFile Lite: Regular humor and culture column

Vladimir Kovner’s Arduous Journey Getting his Book of Translated Children’s Poetry Published [...] about Fall 2010

Summer 2010

Administrator’s Column by Becky Blackley

Translating Legal Text to/from Russian, review of ATA 2009 Presentation by Thomas Fennel, Fred Grasso and Makzym Kozub, reviewed by Eugenia Tumanova

SlavFilms: Interview with Bosnian Film Director Pjer Žalica, by Susan Welsh

Ten Recommended Russian DVDs by Nora Favorov

Word Buzz: New Words in Russian. Hello, This is Your Mobile! by Yuliya Baldwin.

Book Review of The Possessed: Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them by Elf Batuman, reviewed by Lucy Gunderson

Where Are All the Dictionaries? by dictionary editor, Roy Cochrun

More Discussion of Translations of Хам by Lydia Stone and Boris Borukov

SlavFile Lite: Regular humor and culture column

Idiom Savants: Devilish Idioms, by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone [...] about Summer 2010

Spring 2010

Review of Greiss Lecture: Translating and Interpreting in a Pragmatic Age by Pavel Palazhchenko, reviewed by Jen Guernsey

Administrator’s Column by Becky Blackley

Contents of Additional Resources Page on SLD Section of ATA Website

SlavFilms: New Column by Susan Welsh. This issue:Mikhalkov’s 12

Russian, by Nora Favorov

The Origins of the Slavic Nations, book review by R.B. Worobec

Russian and Georgian Translator Kim Braithwaite Looks Back

Interview with Lynn Visson about her New Book Chameleon Words and Transformations in Current English

Let the Translator Beware: The Story of an Attempted Scam, by Michael Ishenko

Word Buzz: Car Talk, by Yuliya Baldwin

Idiom Savants: Threefold Idioms by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone

SlavFile Lite, regular humor and culture column [...] about Spring 2010