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SlavFile, the newsletter of the Slavic Language Division, is published quarterly. Aside from keeping readers informed of Division and relevant ATA activities, the mission of the newsletter is to provide information that will help facilitate the careers and professional development of translators and interpreters of Slavic languages and to entertain and inform them in areas related to these careers. To find out more about SlavFile and its editorial staff, please view our About SlavFile page.

Fall 2014

The latest issue of SlavFile is out!




Interview with Sophia Lubensky

Author of Russian-English Dictionary of Idioms


Lucy Gunderson

On Low-Tech Translating


2014 Conference Preview and Newcomer Tips


Interview with Liv Bliss

Translator of The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas


Yuliya Baldwin

Mentoring the winner of UN Essay Contest


Jen Guernsey

Saying No to Unacceptable Client Demands


Steve Shabad

False Russian<>English Cognates Part IV


...and more!


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Summer 2014

The new SlavFile is out! Whether during a break from your busy day of translating or while lazying in a hammock during your well-deserved vacation, we hope you'll take the time to look inside this issue for mouth-watering details of our annual SLD Banquet, a take-down of some questionable translation industry practices, a review of the 2014 Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference (UTIC), a film review, some poetry, and, last but not least, another fascinating selection of curious Russian idioms (and even curioser translations spotted in the English-language press by our own Lydia Stone). All this and more in the Summer 2014 issue of the SlavFile. Enjoy!  [...] about Summer 2014

Spring 2014

The latest issue of SlavFile is out!

HIGHLIGHTS [...] about Spring 2014

Winter 2014

The latest issue of SlavFile is out!


· Shabad looks at false cognates (Part I)

· Conference reviews (Perdek, Zlatic, Knizhnik)

· Newcomer Adam Fuss on ATA San Antonio

· SlavFilms on Jews in Soviet cinema

· Urdang reviews Dictionary of Omissions

· Poetry of Maria Petrovykh [...] about Winter 2014

Fall 2013

The latest issue of SlavFile is out!


· For Conference Newcomers

· Preview of Greiss Lecture

· Medical Diagnostic Centers in Russia

· Joe Wright's Anna Karenina [...] about Fall 2013

Summer 2013

The latest issue of SlavFile is out!


·       The Man who Brought Russian Classics to the Juvenile Detention Center: Interview

·       Looking Forward to the 2013 Conference

·       SLD Candidate Preview

·       Вы and ты (Russian you and thou)

·       Dealing with Balky Websites

·       Report on First Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference

·       Announcing 2013 SLD Banquet

·       2012 Conference Presentation Reviews

o   Polish Autopsy Reports

o   Roundtable: Translation vs. Interpreting

o   Multiple Translations of the Same Poem

  [...] about Summer 2013

Spring 2013


  • ATA Division Election Procedures
  • School Outreach
  • Native Speaker Translation
  • Student Translations of Brodsky
  • Anna Karenina Translations Compared
  • Conference Presentation Reviews
  • On Translating war
  • On Gender and Translation
  • Use of Word Recognition Tools

Winter 2013


  • SlavFile Mailbox
  • Administrator’s Column
  • Ukrainian Poetry in Translation
  • SlavFile Lite
  • SlavFilms: The Mill and the Cross
  • Book Review: Introduction to Russian-English Translation
  • Save the Diacriticals!

2012 Conference Reviews:

  • First-time Buyer’s Guide
  • SLD Banquet
  • Entering the Russian Translation Market
  • Translating Metaphors
  • Translation Lacunas
  • SLD Meeting Minutes

Fall 2012


  • Administrator’s Column
  • Interview with Greiss lecturer Marijan Nikolić
  • Translations of Slovak poet, Ján Buzassý
  • The Phrases of Sin
  • Film Review of The Note
  • Russian Tweeting Terms
  • Obituary for Misha Pereltsvayg