Spring 2015


Conference Reviews:
2015 Greiss Lecture
Sophia Lubensky on Her Idiom Dictionary
reviewed by Lydia Stone
Staying Trendy in Slavic
Daniel Sax on Dynamika and Other Challenges In Polish>English Translation
reviewed by Chris Pawlowski
Interpreting for International Visitors
Irina Jesionowski Offers Cautionary Tales for Interpreters
reviewed by Eugenia Sokolskaya

SLD Content Strategy Survey
Ekaterina Howard Reports Our Survey Results
Say What?!
Svetlana Beloshapkina on Translating Dirty Language in Films
Addicted to Limericks
Vladimir Kovner on Translating Edward Lear

Regular Features:
Diary of an Administrator
Lucy Gunderson on Marketing
SlavFile Lite
Slavic-Languages Related Observations by Lydia Stone