Summer 2012

Notes from the Administrative Administrator, Lucy Gunderson's Summer report

Announcements of the annual Slavic Languages Division banquet and the Division logo contest finalists

New member, Ralitsa Zlatanova, reports on linguistic foreign visitors to Bulgarian

Regular columns Idiom Savants and SlavFile Lite

SlavFilms is devoted to a comparison of Twelve Angry Men and Mikhalkov's 12

Yuliya Baldwin, gives us a Russian perspective on the 2012 London Olympics, including a glossary of sports terms

Scheduled SLD and Slavic-related presentations for the 2012 Annual Conference in San Diego

Reviews of 2011 ATA Annual Conference Presentations:

Valentina Kolesnichenko's Greiss Lecture, reviewed by Lynn Visson (in English and Russian versions)

Ekaterina Ryabtseva's session, How Networking is Changing the Mentality of Russian Freelancers, reviewed by Natalia Gormley

Maksim Kozub's presentation on translation of critical securities terms, reviewed by Laura Friend