Spring 2011

Galina Palyvian reviews the conference presentation:"Contemporary Russian: Enhanced Vocabulary, Endangered Syntax"

Michael Ishenko's column "More than Words"

Administrivia by SLD Administrator Becky Blackley

SlavFilms: Second part of the review by Susan Welsh of Podstrochnik, the book and film about Lilianna Lungina

Jen Guernsey reviews conference presentation: "Launch Campaign! Developing and Using Rocket and Space Terminology"

Vadim Khazim reviews conference presentation: "Practical Challenges of Legal and Medical Interpreting"

"The Unfortunate Mutilation of Harry Potter" by Jen Guernsey

Yuliya Baldwin presents translating terms of tourism in "We go, go, go to faraway lands (from "A Song of Friends" by Sergei Mikhalkov)"

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone by Lydia Stone

Idiom Savants: Money Talks, part II by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone

What Do Scientific Translators Do When They Retire?