Fall 2011

In Roy's Russian Reference Reminders, Roy Cochrun reminds readers of a few "old" reliable internet resources.

An Interview with Susana Greiss Lecturer Valentina Ruzhanovna Kolesnichenko of R.Valent Publishers.

Beginner's Luck. Liv Bliss shares an assortment of useful computer tricks.

Summary of upcoming sessions at ATA 2011 in Boston.

Administrivia. Becky Blackley says farewell in her final column as administrator.

Special Education Terminology in Bosnian, Part II, by Janja Pavetic-Dickey.

Slavic Poetry in Translation: A new SlavFile feature edited by Martha Kosir.

Wordbuzz: Yuliya Baldwin offers a Russian<>English glossary of environmental terminology.

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone by Lydia Stone.

Idiom Savants: Lydia Stone explains English idioms originating out of some dated professions.

In Improving Aural Comprehension from Your Easy Chair Roy Cochrun shares his experience taking advantage of the latest TV technology to improve his aural comprehension of Russian.

Galina Raff helps readers take advantage of a free on-line resource in Dictionary of Spoken Russian: Free download and online access.