Winter 2010

Editorial: Welcome to the First SlavFile of 2010

Life Stories: Original Works by Russian Writers, with translations by SLD members, by Nora Favorov

Review of Presentation “Pharmaceuticals for Slavists” by John Riedl and Jen Guernsey, reviewed by Irina Knizhnik

Vadim Khazin’s Annual Bouts Rimes

Conference Newcomer’s Report, by Vitalij Plinto

SLD’s Gala 50th Conference Banquet, by Alex Lane

What’s in an Ethnonym? by SlavFile’s Ukrainian editor, Roman Worobec

Discussion of Translation of the Russian Word Хам, by Michael Ishenko

Review of Pavel Palazhchenko’s Seminar on Typological Differences, reviewed by Lucy Gunderson

SLD Meeting Minutes, recorded by Jennifer Guernsey

New Column: Word Buzz by Yuliya Baldwin. This issue: A cool visitor from Japan and Swine Flu Vocabulary

Idiom Savants: The Number 2, by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone

Tackling the Sprouting of New Terms in Croatian and Serbian, by Larisa Zlatic