Winter 2009

Review of Tony Briggs’ Greiss lecture on his translation of War and Peace, reviewed by Jen Guernsey.

Administrivia by SLD Administrator, Becky Blackley.

Minutes of the 2008 SLD meeting in Orlando.

Michele Berdy describes what drives translators to want to start a goat farm.

Roman Worobec addresses regional differences in Ukrainian.

Russian and English idioms that hold water by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone.

Conference newcomers report by Monika Pilecka of Wroclaw, Poland.

Native English speaker and UN interpreter, Lynn Visson, wonders why Russian natives correct her English.

Paula Gordon has a message for those working with non-Russian Slavic languages.

Slovenian poetry in translation: Jure Jakob. Introduced and translated by Martha Kosir.

SlavFile Lite. Regular humor and culture column, including thanksgiving poem by Adam Zagajewski in Polish and English.

Review of legal translation conference presentation given by Fred Grasso and Tom Fennell, reviewed by Irina Knizhnik.

Nora Favorov reviews software tools presentations by Jen Guernsey, Becky Blackley and John Riedl.