Spring 2009

Liv Bliss lists her must-have paper dictionaries.

Lydia Stone and Vladimir Kovner present Russian and English idioms on fire.

SLD Administrator Becky Blackley discusses the advantages of belonging to an ATA chapter.

Roman Worobec answers the question, “What's with the G” in Ukrainian?

The Moscow Times correspondent Michele Berdy on the Russian translation of Obama's inauguration speech.

Lynn Visson comments on psychological factors in the teaching of interpretation.

Two Slovenian poems by Peter Semoli_ translated by Martha Kosir.

Regular SlavFile Lite column: A Fish of a Different Culture.

BCS literary translation: The “third language” by Stephen M. Dickey.

Ergonomic tips for translators by Becky Blackley.

Web glossaries and dictionaries for Russian translatorsby Roy Cochrun.

Another literary curiosity by Vladimir Kovner.

Call for SLD Administrator nominations.