Winter 2008

Message from SLD Assistant Administrator, P. Elana Pick.

Administrivia. Message and computer clean-up tips from Administrator Becky Blackely.

Burime (Bouts Rimes). Annual poetic ad lib effort by Vadim Khazin.

A Newcomer’s Experience at the ATA Conference, by Tom Fennell.

Article by 2007 ATA Student Translation Prize Winner, Alexis Crowell. Her experiences translating Daniel Kharms and some sample poems.

Review of Conference Presentation, Translating Culture. Review of a presentation by Joseph Mazza, reviewed by Lucy Gunderson.

Leadership Quotations. From the preconference presentation by Ann Macfarlane, former SLD Assistant Administrator.

Idioms Savants, by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone. The topic this time is idioms containing the word “nose."

SlavFile Lite. Regular humor and cultural column.

English Catch Phrases Explicated. By Liv Bliss.

Annual SLD Meeting Minutes. Compiled by Tom Fennell and Jennifer Guernsey.

Nuts and Bolts by Jennifer Guernsey. A review of members’ favorite translation efficiencies.

Overview of Recently Published Generalist Dictionaries (Russian<>English). By Roy Cochrun.

(see a sample page from the A new Ukrainian edition of Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary reviewed by R.B. Worobec in this issue)