Spring 2008

Natalie Shahova Discusses her Russian Translation of the Punctuation Bestseller, Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

Message from SLD Assistant Administrator, P. Elana Pick.

Message from SLD Administrator, Becky Blackley. Sprucing up your computer.

Tips for Increasing Translation Efficiency, by Tom Fennell.

Review of Conference Presentation, Translating Court Forms: Lessons Learned. Presentation by Emma Garkavi, review by Vadim Khazin.

A Day in the Life of a Meical Interpreter, by Elena Fomina.

The Politics of Language, by Pieter Judson.

Idiom Savants . This time deals with Russian and English idioms using personal names, by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone.

SlavFile Lite. Regular humor and cultural column, featuring the translation of Pasternak’s Holy Week.

Russian Transliteration Program. Created and described by Jonathon Lukens.

More English Catch Phrases. Compiled by Liv Bliss.

The Poetry of Lucija Stupica. Slovenian Poetry in Translation. Translated and introduced by Martha Kosir-Widenbauer.

Lost in Translation (A Literary Curiosity). The fate of Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem "Rain" described by Vladimir Kovner.

Review of 2007 ATA Conference Presentation, Translation and Corporate Governance. Presented by Megan G. Lehmann, reviewed by Fred Grasso.