Fall 2008

An appreciation of Croatian translator Marijan Boskovic (1939-2008) by Paula Gordon and other admirers.
SLD Administrator previews the 2008 Conference.
Detailed article on translating English punctuation into Russian by Natalie Shahova (in Russian).
The critical problem of teaching interpreter training and training teachers of interpretation by Lynn Visson.
Brief interview with 2008 Greiss lecturer, Anthony P. Briggs, conducted by Nora Favorov.
The strange fate of A.A. Milne’s “Happiness” in Russianby Vladimir Kovner.
SlavFile Lite: regular humor and culture column.
Review of 2007 Greiss lecture given by James West, reviewed by Jen Guernsey.
Dictionary aficionado, Roy Cochrun, extols dusty books.
Review of new Russian CAT tool by Konstantin Lakshin.
Slovenian Poetry in translation: Barbara Korun, translated by Martha Kosir.