Summer 2007

Review of new book, Survival Russian, and interview with its author, Michael Ivanov.

Important information about upcoming SLD elections.

From the Administrators column: Elena Bogdanovich and Jen Guernsey discuss the upcoming conference and other matters.

Review of Dictionary of Military Jargon by Michael Dahl.

SlavFile Lite: Regular humor and culture column.

Beginners’ Luck: Liv Bliss discusses test translations.

Review of book on Translation Contracts.

Translating children’s poetry involving gender conflicts.

Idiom Savants: New column devoted to comparative English and Russian idioms.

Marks of Punctuation as False Grammatical Cognates: Article by Marian Schwartz reviewed by Elena McDonnell.

Roy Cochrun reviews Contemporary Russian-English Law Dictionary.

Stephen Dickey reviews Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian Textbook.