Spring 2007

Review of Annual Susana Greiss Lecture and "Torture the Translator" Preconference Seminar: Jen Guernsey and Vera Zartman review two fascinating conference sessions by Michelle Berdy.

SlavFile Lite: Regular humor and culture column by Lydia Stone.

Beginner’s Luck: Liv Bliss’ column this time is devoted to translation contracts.

What’s on Your Shelf: New dictionary editor Roy Cochrun introduces himself and gives an overview of Russian dictionaries available over the last 40-50 years.

The Foreign Invasion of Russian: Infiltration or Evolution? Army linguist Michael Dahl discusses the use of English words in Russian.

Looking at the Overlooked: Sentencing, Paragraphing and Textual Coherence in Russian > English Translation: Lydia Stone reviews conference presentation by Brian Baer and Tatyana Bystrova-McIntyre.

My Crude Ain’t Your Oil: The Language of Petroleum: Konstantin Lakshin’s presentation reviewed by Fred Grasso.

The Name of the Game: Russian Translations of English Expressions Drawn from Sports: Elena Levintova Allison reviews presentation by Vladimir Kovner and Lydia Stone.

How I Played the Game in My Leningrad Youth: Vladimir Kovner describes his early life using English sports expressions.

Speech Etiquette Formulas in Translation: Anastasia Koralova discusses the translation of courteous set phrases.