Winter 2006

How to Take and Pass the ATA Certification Examination by Jim Walker, Language Chair for Russian-English Certification

Adminitions by SLD Administrator, Joseph Bayerl.

From the Editors SlavFile editors outline the implications of the new ATA rule allowing membership in an unlimited number of divisions.

Буриме на ужине Славянской Дивизии в СиэтлеVadim Khazin’s annual on-the-spot creation using rhymes provided by banquet attendees.

An Inexact Science and the Terminology to Match, Review of “Medical Translators and Medical Dictionaries” Nora Favorov reviews the 2005 Annual Susana Greiss lecture presented by Svetolik P. Djordjević.

Minutes of the Slavic Languages Division Annual Meeting

My New Experience at an ATA Conference First-time ATA conference attendee Kathleen Davis provides an overview of her ATA conference experience.

“Words and Values: Factors Affecting Translation of Patient-Centered Medical Documents” Christina Sever reviews Elena N. Levintova’s medical presentation at the ATA conference.

A Lesson in Plunging In Outgoing SLD assistant administrator Nora Favorov writes about what serving as an SLD officer has meant for her.

Respect for Foreign Languages (Not to Mention Accuracy) In Our Nation’s Capital The Washington Postgets it wrong.

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone Regular humor and culture column by SlavFile editor Lydia Razran Stone.

Baffle Boris Russian translations of challenging English idioms, by the unbafflable Boris Silversteyn.

Soviet Orphans of World War II: Translation AspectsRachel Green, doctoral candidate at the U. of Chicago, shares some translation challenges in writing about war orphans.

Yahoo Russian Translators Club Advertisement

End of Life Issues Terminology dealing with end-of-life issues, compiled by Elana Pick.

License for Bilingual Puns Recent Slavic-themed license plate sightings by our readers.