Summer 2006

Beginner’s Luck In her regular column, Liv Bliss asks, “Where is the work?”

The Party Line Reprinted column by 2006 Greiss Lecturer, Michele Berdy, reviewing The Dictionary of the Worker’s Paradise.

First Learn to Think Like a Grader Brian Baer reviews Seattle conference session on taking the certification test presented by language chairs Jim Walker and Marina Aranovich.

Terminology in Legal and Social Services BrochuresConference presentation by Emma Garkavi and Vadim Khazin, reviewed by Liana Loveless. Glossary included.

Negotiations-Переговоры Some English idioms useful in international business by Ludmila Ismailova. Article in Russian. Glossary included.

SlavFile Lite: Not by Word Count Alone Regular humor and culture column by editor Lydia Stone.

“My” Susana Greiss Boris Silversteyn reminisces about our recently deceased founder.

Problem Words in Russian-English Public Health Translation Materials from 2004 conference presentation given by associate editor Nora Favorov. Glossary included.

Polish Miscellany By editor for Polish, Genowefa Legowski.

Characteristics of Legal English Materials from much admired 1996 ATA conference presentation by lawyer and polyglot Thomas West. Glossary included.

You Might be a Freelance Translator If… Humor piece by Jim Shipp.