Winter 2005

2004 Greiss Lecture, “Translating Russia,” by Paul Richardson, editor, Russian Life magazine. Reviewed by Joseph Bayerl.

From the Administrator by Alex Lane.

Burime by Vadim Khazin.

Confessions of a conference newcomer by Leah Misbin.

Beginner's Luck: How to fail as a translator by Liv Bliss.

SlavFile Lite by Lydia Razran Stone.

SLD meeting minutes by Jennifer Guernsey

Review of ATA Conference session on Internet privacy presented by Roland Grefer and Jill Sommer. Reviewed by Svetlana Ball.

Common mistakes of non-native speakers of Russian by Elena Bogdanovich-Werner

Dictionary review: Dictionary of Russian-American Jargon and Americanisms (DRAJA) by Leonid M. Gurevich. Reviewed by Lydia Razran Stone.

Software review: MultiLex 4.0 English for Professionals. Reviewed by Galina Raff.

SLD Survey Part II