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SlavFile, the newsletter of the Slavic Language Division, is published quarterly. Aside from keeping readers informed of Division and relevant ATA activities, the mission of the newsletter is to provide information that will help facilitate the careers and professional development of translators and interpreters of Slavic languages and to entertain and inform them in areas related to these careers. To find out more about SlavFile and its editorial staff, please view our About SlavFile page.

Summer 2016

  • Interview with 2016 Greiss Lecturer Madeline G. Levine
  • Conference Previews and Reviews of Past Conferences
  • Announcements of Newcomer Events and Annual Banquet
  • Liv Bliss on Amazon Crossing and the Books That Weren't

Winter 2016

The new SlavFile is out! This issue's highlights include: [...] about Winter 2016

Fall 2015


Obituary for Sophia Lubensky

Interview with Greiss lecturer, Sergei Chernov

Lynn Visson on her 10 books on Russian language and culture

Martha Kosir on translating poetry from Slovenian  into Spanish [...] about Fall 2015

Summer 2015


Reviews of two 2014 Conference Presentations

Summary of member conversation about CAT tools

New Column featuring two SLD newcomers

Two Russian hockey films

Report on Zagreb conference

English-Croatian medical glossary [...] about Summer 2015

Winter 2015



Reviews of Conference Presentations made by:

Jen Guernsey and John Riedl

Lydia Stone and Svetlana Beloshapkina

Elizabeth Macheret

Larry Bogoslaw


Minutes of SLD meeting

Administrator's Column [...] about Winter 2015

Fall 2014

The latest issue of SlavFile is out!




Interview with Sophia Lubensky

Author of Russian-English Dictionary of Idioms


Lucy Gunderson

On Low-Tech Translating

  [...] about Fall 2014

Spring 2014

The latest issue of SlavFile is out!

HIGHLIGHTS [...] about Spring 2014