Creating visuals: visualizations, infographics, and quotes

In May I attended the Digital Marketing for Business Conference, where various aspects of online marketing were discussed, including the importance of using visual materials. According to several studies, using visuals on social media can lead to a significant increase in engagement (for Twitter, this means retweets, favorites and clicks – here’s an example; here’s a summary of advantages for Facebook). Several presenters discussed the online tools that can be used to create and share compelling visual content. I hope this overview will be useful to SLD members.

Tools for visualizations, infographics and flowcharts


Website address


Create and export infographics as PDF or PNG; may be shared (via email, Twitter, or Facebook) or embedded

There are plans for a video infographics tool.

A wide variety of themes; both free and paid accounts available.

Includes helpful case studies.

Interactive charts and templates (data pop-ups, show/hide series, zoom).

Here are some examples of charts about language.

Interactive timetables.

Here is an example.

Create diagrams and flowcharts in your browser.

Here are some examples.

Easy-to-use storyboard creation.

The only drawback of this website is that it uses the Google Translate plug-in.

Tools for quote creation

Website address


Free tool; no login required.

Post results on social networks

Various options: create e-cards, Twitter headers, Facebook timeline covers, etc.; You can edit text, select colors, and change the background.

Additional resources

Website address


For ideas on kinds of content and inspiration.

Here are some infographics related to translation.

This handy color wheel creates selections of colors with RGB and HEX codes.

You can also explore existing color selections.