Creating a custom dictionary in Déjà Vu X2 by Sam Pinson

Recently, I have been working on a large translation project involving nearly 100 text files. Upon completing each file, I run Déjà Vu X2’s spellchecker before adding the translation to my project’s translation memory.

Every project has its unique terms that aren’t found in a standard dictionary and are therefore flagged as misspelled—this project was no different. I found myself ignoring (“Ignore” or “Ignore All”) the same “misspelled” words over and over again for each file, because the spellchecker doesn’t remember which words I ignored the last time it ran.

I didn’t want to just add them to a dictionary that would be applied to all of my translation projects—if these words appeared in a different context, I wanted them flagged as misspelled. My solution was to create a project specific dictionary and add the “misspelled” words to it. Doing so saved me some time. However, the process wasn’t immediately obvious, so I thought others might benefit from a step-by-step guide.

1.      Run the spellchecker (F7). This will bring up the “Check Spelling” window:

2.      Click “Dictionaries…”to bring up the “Dictionaries” window:

3.      Click “New File…” to bring up the “New Dictionary” window:

4.      Click “Browse…” to navigate to the desired location for the dictionary and give it a name.

5.      Click “OK” to dismiss the “New Dictionary” window.

6.      Close the “Check Spelling” window (ESC) and reopen it (F7) in order for your newly created dictionary to appear in the “Add words to” dropdown list. Select your new dictionary.

7.      Add all of the project- or customer-specific words to your new dictionary!

The next time you find yourself repeatedly ignoring the same misspelled words, consider creating a custom dictionary for your project or customer. Your productivity may thank you!