From the Slavfile Archives: Resources for the ATA Certification Exam

For those of you who are practicing for the ATA Certification Exam, here are a few useful recent and not-so-recent articles from the SlavFile archives:

Spring 2016 — Reidl, John. Tackling the ATA Russian>English Certification Exam

Winter 2011 — Jennifer Davis. Is the Certification Exam for You? Review of “Taking the Russian>English Certification Exam” Presented by James Walker and Nora Favorov [Click here for the slides]

Winter 2006 — James Walker. How to Take and Pass the ATA Certification Examination 

If you haven't already, consider signing up to practice with fellow SLD members. Eugenia Sokolskaya and Maria Guzenko have set up a Slack group for all the language combinations currently on offer. The Russian<>English channels are well subscribed and active, but the Ukrainian/Polish/Croatian <>English groups are still waiting for more members.