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Winter 2017 SlavFile issue is out!

In the new SlavFile issue: Reports on 2016 Conference Presentations

  •     Translating for human rights
  •     Rephrasing for better R>E translation
  •     Textual cohesion in Russian and English
  •     (Re)translating Anna Karenina (1)
  •     Translating idioms used in US newspapers

Translator Resources

  •     Starting your translation career abroad
  •     Review of CAT tool MemSource
  •     Real-life Idiom Dictionaries
  •     Translating idiomatic descriptions of gestures


  •     Administrator’s column
  •     A deplorable dictionary
  •     Interview with our multilingual poetry editor

Call for translation slam volunteers to submit a proposal for ATA58


Would you like to showcase your translation skills, work on an interesting and challenging short text, receive feedback from your experienced colleagues, and, most importantly, have fun? All of that is possible if you participate in a translation slam. We are inviting SLD members to participate in translation slam sessions at the upcoming ATA 58th Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

Please note: a translation slam will be entered as a session proposal, and so it is not guaranteed that it will take place at the conference.


If you have attended the “Translating Anna Karenina: Two Approaches” session at the ATA 57th Annual Conference in San Francisco, presented by Rosamund Bartlett and Marian Schwartz, you already have a general idea of what a translation slam is: it is an interactive session where two (or more) translators present their versions of a source text translation and discuss their choices with session attendees.


All Slavic language pairs are welcome.

PARTICIPATION IN THE SLAM [...] about Call for translation slam volunteers to submit a proposal for ATA58

From the Slavfile Archives: Resources for the ATA Certification Exam

For those of you who are practicing for the ATA Certification Exam, here are a few useful recent and not-so-recent articles from the SlavFile archives: [...] about From the Slavfile Archives: Resources for the ATA Certification Exam

ATA58 Proposal Form now Online

Proposal form for the ATA 58th Annual Conference  is now online: Submission deadline is March 3, 2017.

Please consider sharing your knowledge with the ATA members! [...] about ATA58 Proposal Form now Online

New ATA School Outreach Program Video

The new ATA School Outreach Program video is now on ATA's YouTube Channel. You can view it here: [...] about New ATA School Outreach Program Video

Background Materials for Session SL-3

Idioms in Presidential Campaign News Reports: A Minefield for Translation

Svetlana Beloshapkina | Lydia Razran Stone, CT | Vladimir Kovner

From their standpoint as translators working between Russian and English, the speakers will examine 1,000 idiomatic usages from reports from The Washington Post on the 2016 presidential campaign. They will discuss the paucity of traditional idioms, the frequency of English-specific idiom types (e.g., phrasal verbs), and the ubiquity of sports idioms in this sample. Sources of translation difficulty include polysemy, incomplete references, obscure allusions, puns, usages combining more than one idiom, and the need to consider tone. The speakers will discuss additional difficulties in using and other resources to find context-appropriate translations. Audience participation is encouraged! [...] about Background Materials for Session SL-3